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Rio Pecos Compound: Chapter 8.

30 Apr
Cover for Rio Pecos Compound, Book Six of The Clint Mason Series by William F. Martin.

Rio Pecos Compound

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Chapter 8.

Spring came with a sudden burst of flowers, new green growth and noisy children playing outside. The new lamb crop was even better than expected. The push would be on come fall for another major drive to get the sheep to market.

While Clint did not want to over-graze his range, he also wanted to constantly improve his herd. Culling out the worst of the sheep each year would gradually lead to a superior herd.

The winter’s weaving had produced some beautiful blankets. Even though the Basque and the Navajos did not socialize, the woven designs were beginning to combine the best of both. The much finer wool of the Basque sheep was finding its way into the course weaving patterns of Navajo blankets. Natural dyes that each culture had developed over the years were varied. As they shared these dye secrets, colors were produced that had not been seen before in the markets around the Santa Fe square. The Rio Pecos blankets as they were beginning to be known drew top-dollar bids.

After the winter, the trading post and storage rooms became rather bare. The finished products of blankets and jewelry were starting to accumulate. A major trading trip to Santa Fe was needed as soon as the weather and roads permitted.

The lead preacher had convinced two of the settler families to join him in his move to Santa Fe. Read the rest of this entry »

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