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Rio Pecos Compound: Chapter 7.

11 Mar
Cover for Rio Pecos Compound, Book Six of The Clint Mason Series by William F. Martin.

Rio Pecos Compound

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Chapter 7.

The small Rio Pecos village gradually settled into a comfortable routine, and the trading post became the common meeting place. It provided a place to work out the rough edges between the various groups. Sometimes it even served more like a court where grievances were aired, disputes were settled and community rules explained or amended. One of the benefits of this neutral meeting place was the presentation of both sides of an issue to silence wild rumors.

One of the rumors brought back by the supply train concerned a sheep drive from EspaƱola north to the Colorado mines. One of the big sheep ranches north of Santa Fe, the Bond Ranch, was organizing the drive. People could join the drive with their own herders or they could sell their sheep at a discount. The Bond Ranch was offering three cents per head now. The current estimated price up near Durango was five to seven cents per head. It appeared that the Bond Ranch drive was an annual event.

The community decision was to sell this first cull herd at EspaƱola for the three cents. Next year the Navajos would help herd their share of sheep to Durango. This would put them close to their native land. After considerable additional discussion, it was decided that two Mexican guards and two Navajos would make the trip to Durango to sell the herd.

The two young Mexican guards were hoping for some adventure. Durango might be just the place with its gold and silver mines and lots of hustle and bustle. The two Navajos would be scouting out the area for their own people and a possible new future. A new supply of silver would be very helpful if it could be purchased reasonably at the mines. If all four of them decided to stay, a message would be sent back with the Bond Ranch herders. Read the rest of this entry »

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