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Destination Santa Fe: Chapter 1.

06 Sep

Author’s Note: The fourth book published in the Clint Mason series, Destination Santa Fe was published on this blog serially beginning in September, 2012, running through September, 2013. The book’s full contents may someday return to this site. Please consider picking up a copy of Destination Santa Fe and all the other Clint Mason books for yourself and a friend, and also look for the contents of these books on this site. Thank you very much for your interest.

Destination Santa Fe

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Chapter 1.

The setting sun’s golden rays played across the face of a tall, olive-skinned, well-built man. With sadness in his eyes he looked over Carson City, Nevada. The big Appaloosa stallion under him was ready to finish this trip and get some rest. The three beautiful horses that were being led were the best that could be bought in this whole western region. Outlaws and cattlemen would kill for these horses, and some had tried.

Carson City was a booming town with plenty of people and money. The big hotels, casinos and saloons were just the places for a gambler, gunman and fugitive to hide out in plain sight. This lawless frontier town didn’t care where you came from or where you were going as long as you had money. John Hayes, the name he was using today, had a lot of gold dust and $20 golden eagles in his saddlebags. He was a rich man by Carson City standards.

John Hayes found a small livery stable and corrals off the main drag for his trail horses. After giving the attendant some specific instructions about them, he took the Appaloosa with its saddlebags and bedroll on up the street to one of the big hotels. The hotel had a big steel safe where two heavy saddlebags were deposited. A lavish tip got the man’s attention and appropriate respect for what money could buy. He promptly took the stallion down the street to the hotel’s livery stable, with plenty of promises that the horse would be well tended and available whenever he asked.

A nice room with feather bed, a hot bath and a shave, then a big meal in a lavish restaurant set the stage for a new beginning for this trail weary traveler. He had been on a fast move for over a month in order to leave no trace of his past in California. The zigzag path he had taken through the Sierra Nevada mountains, only stopping for short stays at trail towns and trading posts, had worn his body and his horses completely out.

His favorite pastime, gambling, overcame his body’s demand for rest. A clean set of clothes and a good meal under his belt rekindled the desire for some poker. The casino attached to the hotel he had selected was lavish and very active. After slowly sipping his drink at the bar, a poker table of businessmen had a seat come open. They were happy to see new money and a well-dressed young man join the table. Even though the game was a friendly way to pass the time, competition was always at the heart of the game. The regular players at the table quickly realized that this new player was good – very good. Read the rest of this entry »


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