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School Teacher and Gunman: Chapter 1.

11 Mar

Author’s Note: The third book published in the Clint Mason series, School Teacher and Gunman is the actual beginning of the Tales of Mason. It was published on this blog serially beginning in March, 2011, running through July, 2012. This first chapter is still available and the book’s full contents may someday return to this site. Please consider picking up a copy of School Teacher and Gunman for yourself and a friend, and also look for the contents of other Clint Mason books on this site. Thank you very much for your interest.

Copyright William F. Martin. All Rights Reserved.

Clint Mason awoke with a tremendous headache and a sore body to go with it. He found himself sitting on the side of a bunk bed looking through iron bars into the face of an older, kind-looking woman with gray hair. His mind was a complete blank. It was like he was in a dream, but the pain coming from all parts of his body was all real.

In a very firm but friendly voice, the lady pronounced that he would probably live, but if he didn’t change his ways, life might be very short for him. The sheriff was summoned and a clean set of clothes were handed to Clint through the open jail door. The sheriff then pointed out the wash basin at the end of the cell block walkway and told Clint to clean up and put on the clean clothes. The lady and the lawman turned and left him alone in his misery.

The mirror over the water basin reflected a beat up face and bloody shirt that Clint could hardly recognize. Although Clint’s body was bruised and had a few cuts, the amount of blood on his shirt could not all be his. It took all his will power to keep from screaming when he pulled off his shirt and pants. Every part of his body ached, especially the insides. His stomach was in knots and he felt like throwing up. Read the rest of this entry »

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