Marketing Innovation: Under Armour

On July 17, top executives from the world’s major sports marketing companies gathered in New York City to honor the best in sports advertising, design and communications at the first-ever Clio Sports Awards. That night, Steve Battista proudly accepted the Brand Innovation Award on behalf of Under Armour, where he serves as senior VP brand creative. Behind the scenes, I know that many of the companies and talents I have had the privilege to work with are also celebrating this monumental win. For example, global creative agency ATTIK provided key support for Under Armour’s launch of Armour39 (wearable tech that helps you track your workout intensity), as did creative production company Shilo… which also produced many of the epic brand films (including the one above) that have made Under Armour’s YouTube Channel must-see TV for serious athletes.

A story by Austin Siegemund-Broka for The Hollywood Reporter chronicles the brand’s growing success, and offers this insight Read more



A day at the beach with ATTIK’s Simon Needham

I hope you will enjoy these new images captured by Simon Needham, co-founder and executive creative director at global creative agency ATTIK. A little more than three years ago, in an interview with The San Francisco Egotist, Simon spoke about photography as one of the new creative challenges he was just beginning to take on.

“I always wanted to take pictures but was fearful of trying to learn the complexities of the technical side of it,” he said. “…I took a couple of classes, spoke to my photography friends and bought a high-end camera. I have had so much fun learning the ropes and my fear turned to joy as my pictures have continued to improve. Read more



Scion’s moving story…

The evolving brand campaign from Scion and its creative agency of record ATTIK debuted in late September, and the newest facet entitled Motivate launched last week. Motivate presents young self-starters in the creative arts community with opportunities to achieve their dreams by winning personal business mentors, up to $10,000 and Scion vehicles. Full contest rules and details are now available at www.scion.com/motivate.

“Ten years ago, the forward-looking people behind Scion gave us the opportunity to help them learn from, and impact the lives of, new generations of self-starters,” said Simon Needham, ATTIK’s co-founder and executive creative director, who has also directed most of the Scion TV and cinema spots over the years, including the newest ones. “They set out to offer quality vehicles that allow drivers to express their personalities and lifestyles while also being affordable, and they also made real commitments to fostering and supporting people who follow their passions.

“In many ways, I feel like I was the first of the young creative people to benefit from Scion’s unique values,” Needham continued. “With each new step and each new person reached or impacted, everyone at ATTIK takes great pride in being part of Scion’s phenomenal story as it continues to evolve.”



Creative collaborations: ATTIK and Shilo for Scion

Over the past several years, global creative agency ATTIK has teamed up many times with creative production company Shilo on behalf of Scion. It’s my sincere pleasure to share some of their best collaborative efforts here.

For more information, please visit http://attik.com, http://shilo.tv and http://scion.com.


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Behind the lens with ATTIK’s Simon Needham

As the co-founder of global creative agency ATTIK, and the creative director for ATTIK U.S., Simon Needham has already made an impressive impact on the marketing industry. ATTIK recently published NoiseFive, the latest of its self-guided, experimental, collectible design publications, and with each passing day, Simon continues to innovate alongside the world’s premier marketers — and the extremely talented artisans and craftspeople working with or within ATTIK on its latest campaigns. Read more



Oct. 15 Blog Action Day Post on Poverty…

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event aiming to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters to post on the same day about the same issue. For this year, the goal is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion on the topic of poverty. To me, this horrifying circumstance quickly translates into powerlessness and need. Helping those on the street or without is something I care about, and over time, I’ve identified some practical activities that really help address poverty. The best of these ideas are provided below, along with the hope that we will all rally together today and tomorrow to ease suffering everywhere.

. See someone in need? Do a good deed. Many of us steel ourselves against those who hold “will work for food” signs… or hold out their hands. After reading a powerful book called My Life on the Street by “Joe Homeless,” I realized that it takes a lot of guts to ask for help, and for whatever it may be worth, giving something always makes me feel better than any other alternative.

. Click every day. TheHungerSite.com is an amazing website which for years has given each of us the ability to “click” each day and thereby enable the giving of food to the hungry. I encourage you to bookmark the site and make it a daily point to visit, and to shop their gift store on special occasions. Another great site is ripple.org — which also exists to harness the power of internet advertising in providing a tool for people to help others. Painless, effective… brilliant.

. Search the web — give to charity. GoodSearch.com is a Yahoo!-powered search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. Use it to get proven search results and have advertisers donate money to your cause.

. When in doubt, give to the Red Cross. The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and it is committed to providing relief to victims of disasters and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Can’t afford to send money? Give blood — “the gift of life.”

. Choose charities your group can benefit. Each year, I research a new group of charitable organizations to send gifts to on behalf of my clients at the companies ATTIK, a52, Elastic, Rock Paper Scissors, Nonfiction Spots, PostWorks, Shilo, Stardust and Tool of North America. A main tool I use for this research is www.JustGive.org, a nonprofit committed to helping people connect with charities and causes they care about. In the past, we have gifted the Partnership for the Homeless, World Hunger Year and the National Coalition for the Homeless. Use JustGive to learn more about each of these and the many other remarkable organizations who are making an impact on the lives of the poverty-stricken every day.

Thanks for the inspiration and the memories, blogactionday.org.


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