Stacy Peralta: Thanks for the documentary

I have expressed my appreciation in the past for LJ Jeneski of Nonfiction Unlimited, the NYC and LA-based commercial production company that since 1995 has been built upon the idea of exclusively representing the planet’s best documentary filmmakers for commercial and creative assignments. We worked together over the period that launched us all into a very busy 2007, and I feel we accomplished a lot together. At that time, the company’s elite roster included directors Rob Bindler, Paul Crowder, Steve James, Robby Kenner, Barbara Kopple, David McNamara, Stacy Peralta, Earle Sebastian, Ondi Timoner and Jessica Yu. It was my introduction to most of these incredible talents, and through the process of updating bios and promoting their newest projects, I got to know many of them pretty well.

Among my early assignments was touching-up an already stellar bio for Mr. Peralta. Here’s a snip from that writing amalgam I can only take a little credit for.

So far, the life of award-winning documentary filmmaker, accomplished television producer/director and Nonfiction Spots commercial director Stacy Peralta is literally a Hollywood movie – or more precisely, several of them. Read more



Steve James: Thanks for the documentaries

Once again this year, the pre-Sundance buzz is headline news worldwide, with The Daily Telegraph asking if, at age 30, the renowned festival still has its edge. There and in widespread coverage like Elizabeth Weitzman’s great New York Daily News article from this past Sunday, “Highly Anticipated Films At The 2014 Sundance Film Festival” from BuzzFeed and others, the latest news from filmmaker Steve James leads the way. Steve’s new Kartemquin Films feature documentary “Life Itself” executive produced by Martin Scorsese will have its world premiere at this year’s festival, and he will also be honored during a 20th anniversary Sundance screening set for “Hoop Dreams,” his very first film, which is also one of history’s highest-grossing and most-acclaimed documentaries. Steve continues breaking new ground as a director and I am definitely a huge fan. I also have much love, respect and admiration for Loretta “LJ” Jeneski of Nonfiction Unlimited, the NYC and LA-based commercial production company that has represented Steve and many of the planet’s best documentary filmmakers for commercial and creative assignments since 1995. Read more



Oct. 15 Blog Action Day Post on Poverty…

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event aiming to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters to post on the same day about the same issue. For this year, the goal is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion on the topic of poverty. To me, this horrifying circumstance quickly translates into powerlessness and need. Helping those on the street or without is something I care about, and over time, I’ve identified some practical activities that really help address poverty. The best of these ideas are provided below, along with the hope that we will all rally together today and tomorrow to ease suffering everywhere.

. See someone in need? Do a good deed. Many of us steel ourselves against those who hold “will work for food” signs… or hold out their hands. After reading a powerful book called My Life on the Street by “Joe Homeless,” I realized that it takes a lot of guts to ask for help, and for whatever it may be worth, giving something always makes me feel better than any other alternative.

. Click every day. TheHungerSite.com is an amazing website which for years has given each of us the ability to “click” each day and thereby enable the giving of food to the hungry. I encourage you to bookmark the site and make it a daily point to visit, and to shop their gift store on special occasions. Another great site is ripple.org — which also exists to harness the power of internet advertising in providing a tool for people to help others. Painless, effective… brilliant.

. Search the web — give to charity. GoodSearch.com is a Yahoo!-powered search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. Use it to get proven search results and have advertisers donate money to your cause.

. When in doubt, give to the Red Cross. The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and it is committed to providing relief to victims of disasters and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Can’t afford to send money? Give blood — “the gift of life.”

. Choose charities your group can benefit. Each year, I research a new group of charitable organizations to send gifts to on behalf of my clients at the companies ATTIK, a52, Elastic, Rock Paper Scissors, Nonfiction Spots, PostWorks, Shilo, Stardust and Tool of North America. A main tool I use for this research is www.JustGive.org, a nonprofit committed to helping people connect with charities and causes they care about. In the past, we have gifted the Partnership for the Homeless, World Hunger Year and the National Coalition for the Homeless. Use JustGive to learn more about each of these and the many other remarkable organizations who are making an impact on the lives of the poverty-stricken every day.

Thanks for the inspiration and the memories, blogactionday.org.



Share a Bud with Stacy Peralta…

As luck would have it, I recently became the press agent for bicoastal U.S. commercial production company Nonfiction Spots. The company represents award-winning documentary filmmakers as directors for major broadcast commercial campaigns and client-sponsored longform projects. Among the many superstars on their roster is Stacy Peralta, the filmmaker behind Sundance favorites “Dogtown and Z-Boys” and “Riding Giants,” a legendary surfer/skateboarder/entrepreneur, a veteran TV producer/director, and a screenwriter on the features listed above, on Columbia Pictures’ 2005 release, “Lords of Dogtown” and many other theatrical projects soon to be announced.

For Father’s Day, working through Nonfiction with creatives from DDB Chicago and Budweiser’s marketing execs, Stacy directed a commercial honoring the Earnhardt family’s three generations of NASCAR success. The stock footage-rich spot ran during the June 18 broadcast of the 3M Performance 400 from Michigan International Speedway — in which, interestingly, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., finished third. The spot was edited by Stacy’s longtime collaborator Paul Crowder, another Nonfiction talent who has a feature of his own blazing the festival circuit: “Once in a Lifetime.” For your surfing enjoyment, here are some links to media coverage where you can enjoy the Bud experience along with Stacy.

. 2-pop.com: Peralta Directs Budweiser Commercial Featuring the Earnhardts

. Adrants.com: Earnhardts Honored In Father’s Day Budweiser Commercial

. StudioDaily.com: Five Questions with… director Stacy Peralta


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