Feature documentary “Kickstarted” readies for World Premiere

If you attend the 13th annual Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Montana next week, or the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs in late March, you will have the opportunity to see the first motion picture in history where I am listed as an executive producer. That’s right: 26 years after graduating from film school, I have added to my scattered IMDB profile the role of Co-Executive Producer for a documentary feature film. “Kickstarted” was co-directed by my friends Jason Cooper and Jay Armitage, and I’m guessing that my unique contributions to their film are probably characteristic of the EP title.

Essentially, Jason and Jay engaged me during the film’s Kickstarter campaign to help them generate more press coverage, and happily, that worked out rather well. The film was ultimately funded thanks to many factors; chief among them were the resourcefulness, skills and determination of the directors, as well as producers including Kim Sherrell, Chris Gartin, JP McMahon and Tristan Drew. In all honesty, I take pride in knowing that I helped, too. Read more


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