What’s the impact of winning a Cannes Lion?

Happy Friday friends! I hope your work week is wrapping up nicely and that you’ll soon be able to enjoy some well-earned downtime, like a lot of people have been doing all week in Cannes (kidding, of course). Before ending this week, I wanted to share this video I’m embedding here from experience design agency FreeState, and a few more comments about the significance of winning a Cannes Lion award.

As you can hear first-hand from FreeState’s creative director Adam Scott in this video directed by Ilan Metev, FreeState won a Gold Design Lion at Cannes in 2013 after designing the world’s largest kinetic sculptures for Blackpool’s promenade. Under the heading of “Why Winning a Lion Matters – An Agency’s View,” Mr. Scott enlightens us while pedaling his bike around the city: “Sometimes it’s hard to find your way, and especially hard given it’s so darn crowded out here…. How do you stand out,” he asks.

And about the results of winning Cannes Lion Gold, he continues: “I would say people are far more interested in our approach, and that has to be a good thing. And well, if it can happen to us then it can certainly happen to you.”

Isn’t that lovely? Also, to me, it’s a perfect summation to what it means to win a Cannes Lion.

Meanwhile, the image I’m providing here offers a newer angle into this discussion. Taken hours ago Read more



Killer Reels: Flavor

Esteemed DWA client company Flavor is a global collective of designers and visual artists with studios in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, New York City and Tokyo. Last August, the group celebrated its first birthday, and in the November issue of SHOOT Magazine, Cutters Studios CEO Tim McGuire discussed the strategy behind the new venture and some of the exciting developments shaping-up around its principals.

In McGuire’s words: “A little more than a year ago, together with my Cutters Studios colleagues, we recognized that something new and exciting was happening in the design industry, and we decided to refocus our talent and effort to make a statement. Together, after a lot of brainstorming we decided to relaunch our VFX and design brand as Flavor. That rebranding effort fit perfectly with the addition of executive producer Darren Jaffe and executive creative director Brad Tucker [both formerly of Superfad], and helped us create some considerable buzz across the industry at-large.” Read more



Giving season: Heroes 2014

Together with my family, I am sending my warmest thoughts to many friends and colleagues worldwide, and feeling a lot of gratitude. I truly appreciate your help in sending daily clicks to http://hungersite.com, where our simple mouseclicks can benefit a number of vital causes each and every day.

I’m also especially thankful to Los Angeles-based imagemaker Tommy Ewasko and the individuals behind my client companies Cap Gun Collective, Cutters Studios, Leviathan and Sarofsky for their leadership and help in supporting the following heroic organizations. Read more



Flavor’s on the rise at Cutters Studios…

It’s been almost 10 months since Cutters Studios rebranded its design and VFX division, which since 1997 had built a solid reputation in Chicago as Sol Design FX. With the addition of executive creative director Brad Tucker and executive producer Darren Jaffe, last August the company opened-up shop in Santa Monica and began life with a new name: Flavor.

At the time, Cutters Studios president and CEO Tim McGuire shared these insights: “Something new and exciting is happening in the design industry and it’s time to refocus our talent and effort to make a statement. Brad and Darren are true leaders in motion design known throughout the industry. They will work closely with all of the Cutters Studios locations.”

L-R: Flavor ECD Brad Tucker with EPs Darren Jaffe and Neal Cohen.

Since then, Flavor has been adding exciting new dimensions to the ever-expanding Cutters story. Read more


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