Case Study: Leviathan

Leviathan’s Reputation Soars Worldwide as Phenomenal Conceptual Design Company Rocking Broadcast, Experiential and Screens of All Sizes

Close Cooperation Between Management, Reps and DWA Maximizes Stellar Opportunities, Positions Company as Legitimate Rockstar

Leviathan is a conceptual design company that creates engaging narrative content and experiences for brands and entertainers worldwide. The bold images it conceives appear on stages and architecture, in themed destinations and on screens of all sizes, accompanying famous faces and household names. Its teams build experiences to enthrall audiences, initiate conversations and keep crowds coming. Every day, Leviathan’s artists and engineers help transform the worlds of commercial advertising, live events, film, television and environments. Read more



Best-case scenario: Kathryn Hempel, Cutters Studios

Generally speaking, on the best days, my job breaks down to a careful balance of art and craft. I’m hoping that this art/craft angle will be an interesting way to talk about some others I admire, and what we’re achieving together. Due to the uncommon success of our joint efforts, I’m choosing Kathryn Hempel and all her colleagues at Cutters Studios as the perfect subjects to explore a new variation on the classic case study, which I’m calling a “Best-Case Scenario.”

With love to director Brad Tucker for putting us all in contact, a lot went into making Cutters Studios a solid fit for me when we joined forces last year. The very first “Cutters” commercial editorial facility had opened in Chicago 34 years earlier, but by January 2014, the parent Cutters Studios group was also operating studios in Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City and Tokyo… spanning all aspects of commercial production, post-production and creative development. Relatively soon after partnering up, I learned about the Always #likeagirl campaign that Kathryn was editing for Leo Burnett and Chelsea Pictures director Lauren Greenfield, and I had a chance to counsel everyone on all the ways we might use PR to promote the work and everyone behind it.

By then, I already had a very good sense of what sets Cutters apart: Read more


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