Case Study: PostWorks

Last updated on Jan. 30, 2009: PostWorks Expands Services, Marketshare and Markets as Leading One-Stop U.S. Post Production Resource

“Strategic Public Relations Campaign Focused Sales and Marketing Efforts, Positioned Unmatched Resources and Commitment to Quality Customer Service”

PostWorks is one of the film and television industry’s most advanced and comprehensive digital motion picture and HD post-production companies. In 2007, PostWorks expanded into Los Angeles, launching the first post-production company designed from the ground up to leverage data-centric and future-looking technologies. PostWorks and its global mobile post-production systems provider Orbit Digital were acquired in 2009 by H.I.G. Capital, a leading Miami-based private equity firm, as an addition to its Telecorps Holdings family of companies, which includes Wexler Video and Coffey Sound.

Executive Summary
During DWA’s five-year tenure as the PR agency of record for PostWorks (2004-2009), a results-oriented public relations campaign was orchestrated with other elements of a proactive marketing plan (authored by DWA), as its industry-leading post-production facilities, talents and capabilities expanded exponentially. Strengthening the company’s presence across the U.S. and internationally within the television and motion picture communities, the campaign also supported the 2005 acquisition of PostWorks: The Lab, the 2006 merger with international mobile post-production services leader Orbit Digital, and its very successful 2007 expansion into Los Angeles. Read more



Great to know: Lisa Cleff Kurtz, Philanthropist, Education and Arts Activist, and Rainmaker

Editor’s note: Nearly two decades ago, my fate was forever altered due to a chance encounter with the then-San Francisco based creative industry rainmaker, Lisa Cleff. After several months of her mentoring me in the field of sales, I was hired by high-tech PR firm The Terpin Group, thanks almost entirely to her recommendation. When The Darnell Works Agency launched in 2000, not only was she a main client and collaborator, her referrals have resulted in more than a dozen vital DWA client relationships… including those at ATTIK, CBX, PLUS, PostWorks and Sid Lee, to name but a few. Naturally, shining a light on this phenomenal luminary is a great honor for me, especially since the interview itself was conducted by her daughter, Zoe Lindgren, a rising NYC creative in her own right. For your further enjoyment, I also highly recommend this great interview by Timothy Huang, who spoke with Lisa in 2016 about her career – and her role as a star board member of A.R.T. / New York.

How did you get your start in your career? Read more



Oct. 15 Blog Action Day Post on Poverty…

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event aiming to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters to post on the same day about the same issue. For this year, the goal is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion on the topic of poverty. To me, this horrifying circumstance quickly translates into powerlessness and need. Helping those on the street or without is something I care about, and over time, I’ve identified some practical activities that really help address poverty. The best of these ideas are provided below, along with the hope that we will all rally together today and tomorrow to ease suffering everywhere.

. See someone in need? Do a good deed. Many of us steel ourselves against those who hold “will work for food” signs… or hold out their hands. After reading a powerful book called My Life on the Street by “Joe Homeless,” I realized that it takes a lot of guts to ask for help, and for whatever it may be worth, giving something always makes me feel better than any other alternative.

. Click every day. TheHungerSite.com is an amazing website which for years has given each of us the ability to “click” each day and thereby enable the giving of food to the hungry. I encourage you to bookmark the site and make it a daily point to visit, and to shop their gift store on special occasions. Another great site is ripple.org — which also exists to harness the power of internet advertising in providing a tool for people to help others. Painless, effective… brilliant.

. Search the web — give to charity. GoodSearch.com is a Yahoo!-powered search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. Use it to get proven search results and have advertisers donate money to your cause.

. When in doubt, give to the Red Cross. The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and it is committed to providing relief to victims of disasters and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Can’t afford to send money? Give blood — “the gift of life.”

. Choose charities your group can benefit. Each year, I research a new group of charitable organizations to send gifts to on behalf of my clients at the companies ATTIK, a52, Elastic, Rock Paper Scissors, Nonfiction Spots, PostWorks, Shilo, Stardust and Tool of North America. A main tool I use for this research is www.JustGive.org, a nonprofit committed to helping people connect with charities and causes they care about. In the past, we have gifted the Partnership for the Homeless, World Hunger Year and the National Coalition for the Homeless. Use JustGive to learn more about each of these and the many other remarkable organizations who are making an impact on the lives of the poverty-stricken every day.

Thanks for the inspiration and the memories, blogactionday.org.



December 1 is World AIDS Day…

I’m doing my little part to promote World AIDS Day, which is today. You can click here to learn more about the official activities taking place to promote awareness and disseminate the latest information about HIV and AIDS.

I’m very proud to say that my clients at commercial visual effects company A52, commercial editorial company Rock Paper Scissors, global creative agency ATTIK and “one source” post production company PostWorks, New York have recently joined with me to provide a financial contribution to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. This non-profit group is currently waging an aggressive campaign to accelerate the response of the United States to children living with AIDS around the world. Any contribution large or small, to this organization or any other that is actively addressing the global AIDS epidemic, will be greatly appreciated.


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