universal positive: unique insights and actionable ideas from The Darnell Works Agency’s daily quest for greatness.

My name is Roger Darnell, and I’m the principal of The Darnell Works Agency (DWA), a successful Public Relations firm specializing in media-related and high-tech businesses. I’m also a publisher, producer and writer. After a very successful ten-year run as a freelance writer and production professional working on TV projects for NASCAR, NBC, Columbia TriStar, HBO and many others, I extended my track record as a marketing executive in Hollywood, then joined high-tech PR firm The Terpin Group in 1999 as an account manager. There, working with the executives behind many emerging high-tech companies, I shaped and delivered extensive strategic PR campaigns, resulting in tens of millions of positive media impressions, millions of dollars in VC funding and other breakthrough successes. In 2000, I formed DWA to develop and publish original content – and to provide results-oriented PR support to a short list of phenomenally talented companies.

This blog was originally named “MarSciTechtainment.” When I posted its first entry in June, 2005, I did so experimentally, pursuing an interest in providing visitors with more information about myself and my business activities. Over the years, it has grown in many new directions. On Jan. 20, 2009, I decided to expand its mission. Marketing, science, technology and entertainment are still at the heart of most of my interests, but on my best days, there is a higher order enlightening my perspective; to me, that’s the universal positive.

Thank you very much for visiting, and for contributing your ideas and sharing your time. I sincerely wish you all the best that life has to offer.


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