Visual Timeline and PR Case Study: Leviathan

In-depth PR case study materials follow. Last Updated 17 August 2017

Chad Hutson, President, Leviathan, 13 Sept., 2014: “Leviathan is a company I helped get off the ground in 2010, and on all counts I’d consider it a success… though without Roger Darnell as our public relations partner, there’s no doubt that the success would be significantly diminished. Roger helped give our company a face and a voice through articles in numerous industry and general publications as well as social media, both domestically and internationally, which is a dream for any modest startup. His counsel provided my partners and me with the knowledge and opportunities to speak at prestigious events, giving us not only notoriety but also confidence to stand among giants of our business. Besides being one of the finest human beings I know (which makes working together even easier), he’s a straight-talking professional, unafraid to disagree with proposed actions but open to alternative methods of execution. Roger is organized, connected, tireless, honest, creative and rare. When contracting his services, think of him not as a service provider but as a partner, and you will succeed.”

More results from DWA’s PR campaign for Leviathan:
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17 August 2017 – Latest speaking events for Jason White

17 August 2017 – United Center, Bulls and Blackhawks draft Leviathan

6 July 2017 – TouchDesigner showcase for Leviathan

29 June 2017 – Chad Hutson Presents: Highlights from speaking appearances

13 June 2017 – Leviathan helps the world explore Gogo 2Ku

30 May 2017 – Creative and production visionary Galusha joins Leviathan

27 May 2017 – FWA Site of the Day Honors for 150 Media Stream

28 April 2017 – Second Epic Games Unreal Showcase for Leviathan

21 April 2017 – Live Design presents Making of 150 Media Stream

1 March 2017 – Leviathan scores historic FWA Award

15 Feb. 2017 – 150 Media Stream Debuts in Chicago, Calls for Submissions

6 Feb. 2017 – Graphic Design USA People to Watch in 2017: Jason White

13 Jan. 2017 – Leviathan reveals latest and greatest

21 Dec. 2016 – MSI Chicago makes waves with Leviathan

19 Dec. 2016 – HOW Magazine surveys Chad Hutson for 2017 Design Predictions

19 Dec. 2016 – Leviathan stars in Unreal Showcase from Epic Games

9 Nov. 2016 – Leviathan Inspires for Chicago’s Art Institute

28 Oct. 2016 – Leviathan’s SEGD Xlab Session Happening 28 Oct. in NYC

5 Oct. 2016 – U-505 Dive Trainer Interactive at the MSI Chicago

19 Sep. 2016 – Art Institute of Chicago Pushing Digital Assets in New Ad Campaign

8 June 2016 – PG&E Interactive Experience Brings Zero Net Energy Home

12 May 2016 – Airbus Americas Unveils Space-Age Experiential Showroom in Nation’s Capital

7 May 2016 – Leviathan Appearing at Creative Tech Week NYC

17 April 2016 – Jason White onboard for FITC Toronto, 17-19 Apr

3 Feb. 2016 – April, May, June FITC events with Jason White

3 Nov. 2015 – Jason White opens inaugural FORM Fest in Chicago

2 Nov. 2015 – Catch Leviathan and more at FORM Chicago, Nov. 2-3

6 Aug. 2015 – Create content that captivates with Leviathan

11 May 2015 – FITC Toronto attendees meld together via Leviathan

30 March 2015 – Leviathan experiential installation to debut at FITC Toronto 2015

6 Feb. 2015 – Design studio Leviathan packages Mikky Ekko’s Time

17 Nov. 2014 – HOW Magazine: Leviathan Designs Interactive “Numbers in Nature” Experience

4 Sep. 2014 – Leviathan’s Jason White ready for Camp 2014 + Pop Explosion

30 May 2014 – Leviathan featured in Chicago Cultural Center Exhibition

7 Apr. 2014 – Leviathan’s “The Red Road” titles grace Communication Arts

5 Mar. 2014 – Leviathan Teases FITC Amsterdam Titles

12 Nov. 2013 – Leviathan stands out at Leovative 2013


Featured at the top: The Rise of Experiential Design: What You Need to Succeed, by Lindsay Munro for Adobe.


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