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For years now, career counselors, management consultants, self-help gurus and many others have encouraged us to apply the concepts of brand management to ourselves. For anyone who is beginning this daunting process, just getting going can be a big challenge considering how much advice there is to be found. Bearing that in mind, I wanted to provide some guidance. First, I invite you to check-out the video playlist I’ve embedded above, which will help you get a handle on the main ideas at work here so you can begin applying them to yourself. The playlist also includes several more in-depth presentations, including a complete course in Personal Branding Education.

Below you’ll find several excellent articles that will allow you to get fully up-to-speed. Finally, for a couple of examples of how everything can add up once you’ve successfully applied these lessons, I invite you to check-out the web presence for author Bret Easton Ellis at http://BretEastonEllis.com. On a more personal note, you might also be interested to see http://RKDarnell.com.

. “The Brand Called You” from Fast Company
. “Personal Branding 101” from Mashable.com
. “The Complete Guide to Personal Branding” from Open Colleges
. “How to Build Your Personal Brand” from WikiHow.com
. “How to Build a Memorable Personal Brand on Twitter” from Hubspot
. “An A to Z Guide to Personal Branding” from Convince & Convert
. “Why Personal Branding Still Matters” from Branding magazine
. “Seven ‘Must Listen’ Podcast Episodes for Personal Brand Entrepreneurs” from Chris Drucker
. Personal Branding Channel from Tech.Co


Featured Videos: "Brand Thyself" Playlist featuring expert advice on the personal applications of brand management.


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