Mark your calendar: Very cool events coming to the USA, Italy, Germany, UK and Canada

Keeping tabs on events that are valuable and inspirational to professionals like us – and sharing key details on a timely basis – continues to be a very busy job. Back at the beginning of June, it felt like the period dead ahead was the busiest time of the year for events… but after organizing this new 12x Learning Optimizer edition featuring 18 fascinating happenings spread across North America and Europe over the days ahead, I stand corrected. Please look for executives from specialized creative agency (and DWA client) Leviathan at the SEGD XLab workshops during New York Digital Signage Week, and for anyone attending the Adobe Max festivities in San Diego, consider signing up for the Studio Walking Tour (http://bit.ly/2es17FH) on Nov. 1, and if you do, please say hi to my friends (and clients) at brand strategy and digital design agency BASIC.

Wishing you great times and safe travels.

Upcoming Events
. 24-28 Oct. | New York Digital Signage Week: http://newyork2016.digitalsignageweek.com
. 24-26 Oct. | Share16, San Francisco: http://www.brightedge.com/resources/events/share/16/
. 24-28 Oct. | View Conference, Turin, Italy: http://www.viewconference.it
. 25 Oct. | eMarketer Attention!, NYC: http://attention2016.emarketer.com
. 25-26 Oct. | Fortune Growth Summit, Dallas: https://gazelles.com/summits/growth-2016
. 25-27 Oct. | SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, Hollywood: http://smpte2016.org
. 25-26 Oct. | WWD SEO Summit, NYC: http://summits.wwd.com
. 26-28 Oct. | Revolve Conference, Charleston, SC: https://2016.revolveconference.com
. 26-27 Oct. | The 3% Conference, NYC: http://www.3percentconf.com
. 27-28 Oct. | animago Awards & Conference, Munich: http://www.animago.com
. 27-29 Oct. | Digital Design Days & Award 2016, Milan, Italy: http://www.ddd.it
. 27-30 Oct. | FCPX Creative Summit, Cupertino, CA: http://www.fcpxcreativesummit.com
. 27-28 Oct. | SEGD Xlab Conference, NYC: https://segd.org/workshop/2016-xlab
. 27 Oct. | The Modern Magazine, London: http://magculture.com/the-modern-magazine-2016-3
. 28 Oct. | Creative Entrepreneurs, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA: https://promaxbda.org/events/current-events
. 29 Oct. – 6 Nov. | Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, Banff, Alberta, Canada: https://www.banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-film-and-book-festival
. Oct. 31 – 1 Nov. (pre-Conference) plus 2-4 Nov. | Adobe Max, San Diego: https://max.adobe.com
. Oct. 31 – 2 Nov. | The World Animation & VFX Summit, Marina del Rey, CA: http://animationmagazine.net/summit


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