CGTV update: “Tales Of Us” and much more

CGTVAs announced this week on Cap Gun TV (CGTV), Goldfrapp, director Lisa Gunning and Cap Gun Collective have come together to tell “Tales Of Us” — a journey through five individual stories, each based on a song from the cinematic new Goldfrapp album. This featurette consisting of the films presented here (via Goldfrapp’s YouTube Playlist) and many others yet to be released will be showcased in theaters internationally later this year.

You can now purchase “Tales Of Us” and updated tour information is appearing here: http://goldfrapp.com/live

Also from CGTV, “Night of the Foxes” from Cap Gun director Tom Haines will screen at BFI’s London Film Festival on 17 October at Southbank (8:45PM) and 19 October at Screen on the Green at (12:45PM). For further info and tickets, please click here. Haines recently directed the debut single from the chart-topping new album from Sensibility Recordings/Columbia Records, “The Civil Wars.

Cap Gun Collective is an award-winning, international commercial production company. A creator of original content and a conduit for directors, writers, producers and brands, our missions are to entertain, tell great stories, create memorable characters, and present unforgettable imagery. In 2012, Cap Gun Collective won the first-ever Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition. To learn more about the company, its directors, and Cap Gun TV – a hybrid production studio that develops, produces, and markets original content for multiple platforms – please visit http://capguncollective.com.


Featured Videos: "Tales Of Us" from GoldfrappTV


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