America’s national parks, part 2

My family and I have made our way north and west toward Yellowstone National Park, traveling through many beautiful lands that we know have changed in profound ways over the past two hundred years. In truth, many of our thoughts have been with the continent’s native people and the maelstrom of circumstances that arrived with the European settlers. As you can see above, at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, the new interpretive program established by Supt. Gerard Baker now highlights the stories and cultures of all Americans, including American Indians, in addition to telling the traditional stories of the carving of the mountain and of the four presidents memorialized there. The result is a more complex but complete understanding of the National Parks and the legacies they protect. For more on Ken Burns’ The National Parks, America’s Best Idea please visit: www.pbs.org/nationalparks.

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America’s national parks, part 2
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Featured video: THE NATIONAL PARKS | Mount Rushmore: Telling America's Stories from PBS.


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