Mindful management strategies from Legwork and ReCourses

I saw the above “What We Learned” video back on Jan. 3, thanks to the team from talent management and representation firm Shortlist – and I’ve been thinking about it a lot ever since. The video was produced by full-service creative studio (crusher of “deadlines and beers!”) Legwork Studio. Many of the ideas they have so colorfully addressed bring to mind the lessons I’ve learned myself over the past year, including those I’ve explored with the help of ReCourses, Inc., a premier provider of business management advice to small marketing firms worldwide via principal David C. Baker. The free bimonthly newsletters I’ve received have all brought me extremely mindful and important messages, at times when the contained arguments and wisdoms were especially appreciated. Based in Nashville, David is the author of the 2010 book
Managing (Right) for the First Time.

To give you a better sense of what you may have been missing out on, here are the headlines for some of the 2010 editions of David’s thoughtful ReCourses. To ensure you’ll have a great story to tell about your business at this time next year, a free subscription to David’s mailing list is heartily advised.

. 2/11/2010: Common Positioning Maladies
. 3/2/2010: Dozen Common Mistakes
. 3/17/2010: Qualities of a Great Leader
. 4/27/2010: Aversion to Process
. 5/19/2010: Special Message to Control Freaks
. 6/14/2010: Being a Better Manager
. 7/8/2010: Three of Six Things About Management
. 7/25/2010: Three More Things About Management
. 8/24/2010: Reacting Wrongly to Management Challenges
. 8/31/2010: Good Transitions to Make
. 9/18/2010: What to Ask Your Employees
. 9/26/2010: Work/Life Balance
. 10/8/2010: Financial Management of a Marketing Firm
. 10/24/2010: How to Pay Yourself
. 11/29/2010: Handling Debt in Your Firm
. 12/2/2010: Hitting the Mother Lode in 2011
. 12/21/2010: Building/Maintaining Culture


Featured video: "What We Learned" from Legwork Studio.


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  1. Roger, this is a little belated because I just saw it, but thank you very much for the kind endorsement. I’m very glad that they have been helpful to you.

    Send me your email address ([email protected]) and I want to send something along.


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