Case Study: Dante’s Inferno

Last year at this time, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) and studio Visceral Games released the epic video game Dante’s Inferno(TM). By meticulous design, the game’s extended marketing campaign also garnered a great deal of attention: Adweek’s Dave Griner reported that its $200,000 guerrilla budget yielded 47 million impressions. While this adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s world famous “Divine Comedy” neither broke sales records nor earned a great deal of critical acclaim, considering the scale, breadth and resourcefulness of the marketing efforts, I thought you might be interested in checking out the detailed recap from Griner, and a few other news stories linked below. For further reading:

Destructoid.com, 2/18/10: EA marketing wins again with Dante’s Inferno ramen

Adweek.com, 2/24/10: 9 Months of Marketing Hell Begat ‘Dante’s Inferno’

Investors.com, 3/1/10: EA’s Marketing Covers All Nine Circles Of Hell


Above: Dante's Inferno 'Go To Hell' 2010 Super Bowl Commercial Below: Montage of in-game cinematics from animation studio Nathan Love.


2 Responses to “Case Study: Dante’s Inferno”

  1. Tomas Danil says:

    the epic video game Dante’s Inferno is so amazing. I’ve already watching the video highlight of the games and seem so fascinating and interesting. Hope the game would become more popular among all classes people specially teenage. Thanks:)

  2. Direct Response Group says:

    Can’t wait for Dante’s Purgatorio and Paradiso…

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