Experience Spinifex in China

The principals of Spinifex Group, worldwide leaders in creating and delivering cutting-edge experience media projects, are very proud to continue their collaborations with Director Han Lixun, famous for the print-block segment of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, and Yvonne Ho, producer on the Beijing Olympic Games, in creating the cinematic multimedia feature attraction at the heart of Yan City, which just opened in China’s Chun Zhu Province. This latest spectacular high-tech storytelling achievement, uniting the talents of Director Han with those of Spinifex Group creative director Richard Lindsay and his colleagues, builds upon their joint efforts during the historic Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, wherein Spinifex was distinguished as one of the only non-Chinese production company involved. The case study is online at SpinifexGroup.com.


Yan City: The Past Meets the Future by Spinifex Group.


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