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Stardust Studios… going places!

Bicoastal U.S. creative production company Stardust Studios recently announced its new representation agreement with London-based production company Rokkit, which immediately extends Stardust’s active marketing presence within the creative, commercial and music video production communities across the UK, Europe and Asia.

Stardust is an award-winning, full-service creative production company, specializing in motion design, animation, visual effects and live-action production. Led by founder and creative director Jake Banks, Stardust’s Santa Monica and New York offices continually redefine creativity for commercial, on-air, music video and in-store presentations. Their recent work – including projects for the world’s top ad agencies, brands and recording artists – has earned numerous awards and worldwide editorial exposure.

As stated on Rokkit’s website, “They’re very collaborative and they’re bloody good.”

“After meeting with the gang over at Rokkit, joining forces with them became the obvious choice for us,” Banks explains. “Rokkit shares our same energy, vision and philosophy on creative. Considering our unique talents represented between our studios in Santa Monica and New York, we feel that our style and our capabilities add important dimensions to Rokkit’s offerings. Over the past few years, although we’ve not had energetic representation there, we’ve found a great demand for our visual style in the European and Asian markets. Now, by virtue of this connection with Rokkit, we finally we have a partner that we can rely upon to help us navigate these markets in line with the growing demand, and our capabilities.”

Stardust recently relaunched its website, which over the years has attracted global attention and earned the coveted Favourite Website Awards Site of the Day Award, and other honors. “The new Stardust.tv is purely a visual site,” Banks adds. “Compared with our previous version, this site focuses more on movement and functionality, and aims to give visitors a unique visual experience that will heighten the creativity in each spot we present.” The new site, and the company’s latest reel, can be viewed online at www.stardust.tv.

Stardust is represented in North America by The PTA (East Coast), Get Reehl (Midwest and West Coast) and Hestyreps (Canada).

More information on Rokkit is available at www.rokkit.tv.


Stardust's 2009 reel and latest creative commercial productions.


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