Director Sean Ehringer at his best in new Kraft Easy Mac ad campaign…

Over the years, Tool of North America director Sean Ehringer has had a starring role in creating successful ad campaigns for a Who’s Who of famous brands, including adidas, Budweiser, Polaroid, SEGA, Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees and the award-winning “Got Milk?” campaign, to name but a few. A UC Berkeley Psychology major who also studied at Pasadena’s prestigious Art Center College of Design, since wrapping-up his role as a leading ad industry creative executive to join Tool as a director, his fascinations with aesthetics and offbeat human moments have yielded scores of attention-grabbing commercial campaigns. The latest of these is a quirky campaign for Kraft Easy Mac that’s driving interest in Sean’s considerable talents to new levels.

Filling in for The New York Times’ Stuart Elliot on Apr. 10, Jane L. Levere wrote about the campaign in the In Advertising column, noting that Kraft had “veer[ed] off its traditional marketing path,” to sell its new Easy Mac Cups to young adults in “an edgy new campaign with a strong online presence.” She also notes where Sean’s four commercials — created for Kraft and ad agency FCB in Chicago — are airing on TV and on the campaign’s creatively integrated online destination at www.u-starvin.com. Mr. Ehringer himself shared these thoughts on the project: “It piqued my interest to see Kraft doing some edgy advertising work to reach out to the college market. I felt that the spots themselves -– and the innovative media strategy planned to roll them out — had a great chance of producing the desired results. Also, the creative allowed me to package some very memorable performances, which I think are going to be well received by college students.” For the ad industry, the insider site Adrants broke news of the campaign back on Apr. 6, and AdCritic.com and Boards Magazine recently posted all four campaign spots to their online offerings….



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