Help Lance Armstrong help humanity today…

It’s been almost two years since my clients at visual effects company A52 and editorial company Rock Paper Scissors worked with director Jake Scott and ad agency Wieden+Kennedy to create the phenomenal Nike “Magnet” ad starring Lance Armstrong on a training ride, which captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. Since posting the story about A52’s work on the project, I have received email from people around the globe every week, telling me how inspired they were by the work, and acknowledging how phenomenal it was to see Lance riding on for so many cancer survivors, young and old.

Around the same period of time in ’04, I learned about The Fireflies, a cycling group which rides in Cannes, France, each year to raise money for leukemia. Today, Tool of North America’s managing director Phillip Detchmendy, who is a member of this group, forwarded me a message from Lance, via the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This message raises dire issues about the President’s proposed 2007 budget, which will slash funding for cancer research and survivorship programs, and other vital initiatives. If you’ve lost someone to cancer, if you know someone who continues to fight against it or perhaps you are inspired by Lance’s living legacy, please check out this message and follow its links to contact your representatives in Washington to help fight these cuts; all things considered, it may one of the most important actions you’ll ever take….



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