Who’s the man? Sam Cadman…

Yesterday, Advertising Age editor in chief Rance Crain used some space in his renowned publication to delve into the deeper meaning of a Sprint-Nextel broadcast spot entitled “The Man” — in which an executive admits that he may be sticking it to himself. The ad was directed by Sam Cadman of my client company Tool of North America. What Mr. Crain learns and reports is quite interesting, as you can see here: STICKING IT TO THE MAN — OR JUST MAYBE?

Ad Age’s Alice Cuneo also contributed to the story on this spot, which has taken on a life of its own here in the blogosphere. And a lot of the credit for the increasingly famous “Maybe” line is gravitating toward Sam C., who encouraged the actors to improvise and incubated a non-scripted ending for the spot which Mr. Crain’s piece calls “the greatest switcheroo in commercial history.” Unless I’m mistaken, I believe that makes Sam the man….



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