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Happiness is more within our reach than most people seem to realize. There are many time-honored ideas and practices we all can embrace to help us increase the joy of living. This project is dedicated to John Lerew, a friend who recently passed away too young, and it’s offered as a simplified formula for achieving happiness by being momentous.

Written, produced, directed, photographed and edited by Roger Darnell: All rights reserved.


April 2017 desktop calendar

Featured Image: The time we had Reef Bay beach all to ourselves on June 12, 2016, on Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Read more


February 2017 desktop calendar

Featured Image: In the reeds and cattails on April 1, 2016, at Crystal River, Florida. Read more


When we march…

Today, Beth, Ann, Grace, Claire and Amelia are in Washington D.C., for what I am calling the “monumental” Women’s March on Washington. They are among many of the people I admire most in the world, standing there together in D.C. – while thousands and thousands more of “us” are uniting in solidarity in cities across America.

Why do we march? Today’s Women’s March on Washington sends the new presidential administration this message (among many others): Women’s rights are human rights.

While I am not there today physically, I am fully with my people in spirit: I stand with them today and always. And for my part, here are my answers:
. I support Read more


August 2016 desktop calendar

Featured Image: 2016 photo from the ferry ride leaving Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Read more


February 2016 desktop calendar

Featured Image: 2014 photo from our trip to Salt Creek Recreation Area in Washington. Read more


October 2015 desktop calendar

Featured Image: 2014 photo from our annual trip to Fort Island Gulf Beach in Crystal River, Florida.

I hope you will enjoy this October image selection, featuring a scene from a 2014 trip to Crystal River. We are very happy to be headed back to this area for our 2016 Spring Break. Sunset is spectacular in this spot on Florida’s Gulf coast… and also on King’s Bay, where we’ll be watching the sun descend from our kayaks several evenings next March.

The calendar template used here is courtesy of Aloma Printing. Click the image above to download a high-res October 2015 calendar for your desktop, and please stop back soon to see the newest episode of “Rare Air.”


Rare Air Episode 10 and September 2015 desktop calendar

Today is September 7, 2015 – the Labor Day holiday Monday here in America. As I understand it, this is a “day off” that was purchased through the efforts of hard-working, far-seeing, community-focused people who were passionate about many things. Together, they were determined to protect their core human rights, and those of their working-class peers, in ways that would benefit their entire generation – and others to come – for eternity. I see that Americans have been commemorating their victory for almost 130 years now, and as wonderful as it is to enjoy this spectacular gift, it’s even sweeter knowing that dedication to hard-work – and appreciation for it – are built-into our future.

Last spring, my own drives to do work and then to honor it led me to the interesting crossroads where “Rare Air” began. Suddenly, there are now 10 episodes, where each one represents a sort of holy meditation to me, while also hopefully holding some meaning for you. This new one was photographed last Saturday during an annual pilgrimage for our family, where luckily we’ve been invited to join a lovely group from Valle Crucis and Boone, North Carolina, a few hours’ drive away in Sapphire, at the one-and-only Camp Merrie-Woode. This classic summer camp for girls is also an idyllic getaway during the off-seasons, and every year when the fates align, we happily stream our ways there in late summer to play, feast, catch-up and make new memories together. Read more


Rare Air Episode 9 and July 2015 desktop calendar

An original July 2015 desktop calendar appears below.

This time of year, whenever a perfect day comes along, I usually find myself fantasizing about being in one spot. You get there by parking at Julian Price Park, off the Blue Ridge Parkway a few miles away from Blowing Rock, North Carolina. That town is about seven miles away from Boone, where we’ve lived for the past 14 years, and where our kids have lived their whole lives, so far. Our adventures in our new home town of Asheville, NC, will begin in August.

Right now, Boone is putting on a wonderful show for us. There’s so much happening all around us. Everyone’s happy, healthy, having fun, and excited about what’s to come. Read more

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