February 2017 desktop calendar

Featured Image: In the reeds and cattails on April 1, 2016, at Crystal River, Florida. Read more


When we march…

Today, Beth, Ann, Grace, Claire and Amelia are in Washington D.C., for what I am calling the “monumental” Women’s March on Washington. They are among many of the people I admire most in the world, standing there together in D.C. – while thousands and thousands more of “us” are uniting in solidarity in cities across America.

Why do we march? Today’s Women’s March on Washington sends the new presidential administration this message (among many others): Women’s rights are human rights.

While I am not there today physically, I am fully with my people in spirit: I stand with them today and always. And for my part, here are my answers:
. I support Read more


Rare Air Episode 18 and January 2017 desktop calendar

An original desktop calendar for January appears at the bottom of this post.

For Beth and me, our conjoined “life before kids” began in about 1989… and before leaving Central Florida for Southern California on New Year’s Day, 1998, we toured the Sunshine State from top to bottom. Just before Amelia arrived in 2001, we returned to the Southeast. Since staking our claim in the Blue Ridge Mountains and welcoming Riley in 2003, we and our kids have continued to experience Florida as tourists. Read more


Rare Air Episode 10 and September 2015 desktop calendar

Today is September 7, 2015 – the Labor Day holiday Monday here in America. As I understand it, this is a “day off” that was purchased through the efforts of hard-working, far-seeing, community-focused people who were passionate about many things. Together, they were determined to protect their core human rights, and those of their working-class peers, in ways that would benefit their entire generation – and others to come – for eternity. I see that Americans have been commemorating their victory for almost 130 years now, and as wonderful as it is to enjoy this spectacular gift, it’s even sweeter knowing that dedication to hard-work – and appreciation for it – are built-into our future.

Last spring, my own drives to do work and then to honor it led me to the interesting crossroads where “Rare Air” began. Suddenly, there are now 10 episodes, where each one represents a sort of holy meditation to me, while also hopefully holding some meaning for you. This new one was photographed last Saturday during an annual pilgrimage for our family, where luckily we’ve been invited to join a lovely group from Valle Crucis and Boone, North Carolina, a few hours’ drive away in Sapphire, at the one-and-only Camp Merrie-Woode. This classic summer camp for girls is also an idyllic getaway during the off-seasons, and every year when the fates align, we happily stream our ways there in late summer to play, feast, catch-up and make new memories together. Read more


Rare Air Episode 9 and July 2015 desktop calendar

An original July 2015 desktop calendar appears below.

This time of year, whenever a perfect day comes along, I usually find myself fantasizing about being in one spot. You get there by parking at Julian Price Park, off the Blue Ridge Parkway a few miles away from Blowing Rock, North Carolina. That town is about seven miles away from Boone, where we’ve lived for the past 14 years, and where our kids have lived their whole lives, so far. Our adventures in our new home town of Asheville, NC, will begin in August.

Right now, Boone is putting on a wonderful show for us. There’s so much happening all around us. Everyone’s happy, healthy, having fun, and excited about what’s to come. Read more


Rare Air Episode 7: Boone Woods

An original March 2015 desktop calendar appears below.

I’ve mentioned recently that we have a new mission as a family, having chosen to relocate to a new city this summer and now, seriously looking forward to spring. Anyone watching the news lately has seen that the East Coast has been experiencing some intense winter weather, and certainly that’s been true for us. Temperatures have been especially cold and we’ve also received enough snow to cancel school most of the past two weeks. It seems like we used to celebrate snow days outdoors more often, and I’ve missed some chances to enjoy winter weather of late. But I’ve also embraced a couple of them.

First, on one snowy February night, Riley had his buddy Elias Hamm over for a sleep-over, and the conditions were prime for night-sledding. Both boys suited up with me despite it being pretty late in the evening, and outside we went with a wide assortment of sleds in our arsenal. There was some debate over which worked best, but I chose the tried-and-true “Blue Thunder” to get some tracks packed down. Read more


Rare Air Episode 6: Sol Duc River

An original January 2015 desktop calendar appears below.

We just enjoyed the most wonderful Christmas at home, and it looks like it will be our last one in Boone, at least from the near-term perspective. In the months ahead, we will move forward on our plans to relocate to Asheville, which is bound to be very exciting but also extremely bittersweet; the memories we have made here since arriving from Los Angeles have generally been wonderful, and with each passing day, they just keep getting sweeter. Still, there is a lot of optimism drawing us toward our family’s next adventure, and since we plan to keep our Boone real estate in our portfolio moving forward, this lovely town is certain to be part of our future as well.

Looking back at our 2014 National Park Tour – and even our 2012 one – I can see the new-growth roots of our kids’ willingness to “get up and go,” and this notion gives me some pride. Read more


Randy Baker: On Location

Along with my mentor and dear friend Randy Baker (above left, and that’s me on the right), I am very proud to announce the release of our book, “Randy Baker: On Location” by yours truly. It’s available now in Softcover, Hardcover and Digital editions with no markup: http://blur.by/1crueUG Thank you very much for taking a look and for any support and feedback.

This book is a collaboration between television producer/director/videographer Randy Baker and publisher, press agent, writer and producer Roger Darnell. When you search the Internet Movie Database for Randy, you will find him listed as a director of photography, cinematographer, technical manager or camera operator for an amazing list of television shows that continues to grow year after year. The exclusive photographs in “Randy Baker: On Location” reflect his passions as a dedicated professional and a gifted imagemaker with a vibrant perspective, a humongous heart, and a great eye. All support is greatly appreciated; we hope you love the book and look forward to hearing your feedback.

If you have any questions on orders, please call me at 1.828.264.8898. Thank you very much for your interest!


April 21, 2013

Friends, the public comment period on the Keystone XL Pipeline ends tomorrow on Monday, April 22. Will you please seize this moment to tell President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry to reject Keystone XL (even if you have done so already) by visiting this link and completing the form?

I am extremely grateful to those of you who have given your attention to all efforts aimed at opposing the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Obviously, this is a contentious issue, and since there is BIG money at stake, the truths about environmental impacts are being buried. One of the brazen arguments we have heard time and time again is how safe pipelines are, but did you know that on March 29, 2013, ExxonMobil experienced a pipeline spill in Mayflower, Arkansas, that spewed 85,000 gallons of tar sands crude into the community? Don’t be surprised if you don’t know about it – they have millions of dollars to spend to cover their backs, and they even have the ability to establish a no-fly zone over their environmental catastrophes. Thankfully, in this era, they can’t stop the ugly truth from leaking out, as you can see above. With all this in mind, I felt that the time was right once again to bring this issue to your attention.

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