August 2016 desktop calendar

Featured Image: 2016 photo from the ferry ride leaving Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Read more


Rare Air Episode 15: Tongue Point, Washington, Part Three

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Our friends Richard and Heidi Campbell of Boone were other big inspirations for this trip. A couple of years earlier, they and their kids had spent many months settled in Christchurch, New Zealand, and afterward, they shared a photo album with us from their travels. I can still recall the powerful envy I felt seeing them in those heavenly natural locations, where geography defies the imagination, and everywhere one sees water, the heart’s desire is magnetically attracted to be right there. Among those images were tumultuous landscapes pacified by blue and white waves, and something about the tidal pools struck especially deep chords in me.

Of all the National Parks listed in my Stone Road Press guide book, Olympic is the one that seemed to match the picturesque grandeur of New Zealand most closely. That perception locked-up my initial vote… but as our plans took shape and time marched forward to the trip, I was absolutely intrigued by the idea that we were going to the Northwestern-most point of the continental United States. Read more


Rare Air Episode 14: Tongue Point, Washington, Part Two

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Looking back, it seems like fate drew us to Washington State and Olympic National Park in 2014. It all started when we were in Isle of Palms, which is near Charleston, South Carolina, the week after Christmas in 2012. That was the year of our family’s first National Parks tour; all of that had happened earlier that summer. With the kids, we’d decided that we would schedule our next National Parks tour for 2014, and one place we were intending to go was Glacier National Park. While loitering in Barnes and Noble that December, I purchased a new book: “Your Guide to the National Parks” from Michael Joseph Oswald and Stone Road Press (2012).

I found Glacier very quickly in the book, and worked outward from there, imagining how we might spend up to a few weeks visiting that international treasure and others in its area. Soon enough, Read more


April 2016 desktop calendar

Featured Image: 2014 photo from our trip to Salt Creek Recreation Area in Washington. Read more


Rare Air Episode 12 and January 2016 desktop calendar

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Earlier this year in April, I filled you in on some of the highlights of our 2014 vacation to Olympic National Park in Washington, and shared a video I had captured on June 18. Today, I’m inviting you to join me and Beth on our adventure the next day. Read more


Rare Air Episode 11 and November 2015 desktop calendar

An original November 2015 desktop calendar appears below.

We’re going back to Florida! No surprises there, right? Every year since Amelia was born, we’ve been hauling one to four kids along for those 12-14+ hour treks each way, which are even longer when we’ve driven on to the Keys. There are cousins, aunts, uncles, cats – and Gramma Lila – to see along the way. Usually we stop at several beaches and springs, and the occasional theme park. And even though everyone’s always ready to head anywhere warm by the time the dates arrive, it still can be tough to plan and book a trip that everyone gets excited about. Read more


Angela Sun: Thanks for the Documentary

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Angela Sun is widely known in the worlds of sports and media. Among the very first Asian-American female hosts to appear on the likes of ESPN, Fox Sports, Tennis Channel and Yahoo! Sports, Angela was the sideline host for Season 4 of “American Ninja Warrior.” Among many exciting career assignments, she has hosted “Yahoo! Sports Minute,” the number one online sports show watched daily by millions, and the LIVE pre-game show for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Angela also directed and executive produced the independent feature documentary film, “Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” in 2013, chronicling her personal journey of discovery to one of the most remote places on Earth, Midway Atoll. With the goal of revealing the truth about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Read more

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