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Featured Image: Arriving back at Salt Pond Bay after our hike to Ram Head, sinking into the water and relaxing there was heavenly.

From my journal: “On the return trip, Beth promised to return to our Jeep to grab our snorkel gear herself, and I did not refuse the offer. Back in Salt Pond Bay, I slipped into the water as quickly as possible, awaiting her return with relief and deep appreciation…” I have more sights, sounds and words to share from this day coming up in episode 25 of Rare Air.

From Salt Pond Bay, heading out toward the deeper waters of the Caribbean Sea.

For reference (mainly my own), here’s how to find your way down the memory lane of our 2016 Saint John adventure, as it lines up in Rare Air, and here.

Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands, June, 2016
. Rare Air Episode 16, Part 1: Trip overview; video from 6/17/16 near Annaberg Sugar Mill
. Rare Air Episode 17, Part 2: Compilation of some underwater footage
. Rare Air Episode 20, Part 3: Video from 6/12/16 at Reef Bay beach
. Rare Air Episode 21, Part 4: More Reef Bay video from 6/12/16, and info on the ancient Petroglyphs
. Rare Air Episode 22, Part 5: Video from 6/17/16 at Waterlemon Cay
. Rare Air Episode 23, Part 6: More Waterlemon Cay video from 6/17/16
. Rare Air Episode 24, Part 7: 6/13/16 at Ram Head, and info on hiking the Ram Head Trail
. Rare Air Episode 25, Part 8: 6/13/16 at Salt Pond Bay

Featured Image: Salt Pond Bay after our hike to Ram Head.


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