August 18, 2010: Riley, Six and a Half

“Ramble” is a writing project I began in 2002 challenging myself to write simply, counting down from 73 lines to one, where each line has 38 characters or less. There are five entries left to write after tonight, when I finally set down these lines for Riley, which I’ve been thinking about for quite some time, knowing that I wanted to write one for him before he turned seven. Here you are my son, written at the start of your first grade school year, with a note to remind you that you are already a great person to your father. In the truest sense of the word, I think you are awesome.

Ramble #6: Riley, Six and a Half
by Roger Darnell

Riley has been for six and a half years,
and he is amazing, as it’s widely known.
A great and true friend, little brother,
cousin, grandson, nephew and son, we are
all cast in his rollicking adventure.
Wishes: Happy days, and smooth sailing.

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Image: "Driving to Edithburgh" by Martin Kenny. More information here: Video: Rock 'n Roll Riley, "Shout at the Devil" on Guitar Hero for PS2. Dedicated to Uncle Randy: Thanks for the PS2!

Ramble #6 copyright Roger Darnell. All Rights Reserved.


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