Happiness is more within our reach than most people seem to realize. There are many time-honored ideas and practices we all can embrace to help us increase the joy of living. This project is dedicated to John Lerew, a friend who recently passed away too young, and it’s offered as a simplified formula for achieving happiness by being momentous.

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You Are Momentous

Posted on 04.19.17


Featured Image: The time we had Reef Bay beach all to ourselves on June 12, 2016, on Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Read more

April 2017 desktop calendar

Posted on 04.01.17

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An original desktop calendar for March appears at the bottom of this post.

For my brave parents and for Beth’s, moving to Florida was a dream that became reality back in the 1970s. While many among their generation of northerners in Wisconsin and Illinois shared their aspirations for the warmer climate – and for adventures that connected with the wild more directly than anything happening in those homelands – only the rare few made the leap of faith to re-cast themselves and their children as Floridians. Read more

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Featured Image: In the reeds and cattails on April 1, 2016, at Crystal River, Florida. Read more

February 2017 desktop calendar

Posted on 02.01.17

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Today, Beth, Ann, Grace, Claire and Amelia are in Washington D.C., for what I am calling the “monumental” Women’s March on Washington. They are among many of the people I admire most in the world, standing there together in D.C. – while thousands and thousands more of “us” are uniting in solidarity in cities across America.

Why do we march? Today’s Women’s March on Washington sends the new presidential administration this message (among many others): Women’s rights are human rights.

While I am not there today physically, I am fully with my people in spirit: I stand with them today and always. And for my part, here are my answers:
. I support Read more

When we march…

Posted on 01.21.17

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August 18, 2010: Riley, Six and a Half

Posted on 08.18.10

Image: "Driving to Edithburgh" by Martin Kenny. More information here: http://www.seenobjects.org/2004-12-24-travelling Video: Rock 'n Roll Riley, "Shout at the Devil" on Guitar Hero for PS2. Dedicated to Uncle Randy: Thanks for the PS2!

Ramble #6 copyright Roger Darnell. All Rights Reserved.
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October 3, 2009: Amelia, Eightish

Posted on 10.03.09

Amelia, Eightish: Our beautiful little girl, growing up too quickly. Posted October 2009.

Ramble #8 copyright Roger Darnell. All Rights Reserved.
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You can now watch “Bumper Crop” in its entirety at darnellworks.com/bmovie Read more

December 5, 2008: Bumper Crop is now live…

Posted on 12.05.08

With fond memories of the cast and crew: director and co-producer Bill Waxler, actors Harry Phipps and Freddie Harmison, director of photography Eric Bills, art director William Elliott, composer and musician Peter Eisner, editor Bob Storer, recordist John Christodoulou, assistant director David Gray, production coordinator Carolyn Clarke, script supervisor Aileen Avery, first AC Glen Albelo, gaffer and lighting director Lenny Cooper, dolly grip Joe Mast, and grips Bubba Baker, Paul England and Eric Smith. Thank you! Feedback welcome and appreciated. [Full story]

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