Featured Image: Our first – and so far, only – trip to Waterlemon Cay last June. Read more

August 2017 desktop calendar

Posted on 07.30.17

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An original desktop calendar for July appears at the bottom of this post.

In my earliest visions for “Rare Air,” I had a general sense of wanting to share nature with others in the loving spirit of some sage advice my late father-in-law Bill Kiefert gave me often, reminding me to stop and smell the flowers. This simple and essential idea goes a long way in defining what I am aspiring to do here… and yet, today I’m aware of a deeper lesson. Read more

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Featured Image: The view of Reef Bay from the St. John, USVI, villa we rented last June. Read more

June 2017 desktop calendar

Posted on 05.31.17

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All of this started playing out 16 years ago today – thought I’d bump it back to the top of this blog to rekindle the memories…

Escape from LA
by Roger Darnell

Wednesday, May 30, 2001: The Countdown Begins

As I sat at my desk at the end of the business day (night) on Tuesday, I knew I really needed to get some sleep to be ready to start loading the truck bright and early the next morning; surveying my office, though — still largely intact — it finally also sunk-in to me that I needed to get it packed, once and for all. Fast forward to 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning: I’d worked all the way through the night, the office was 98% done, the house was a scattered array of semi-packed boxes, furniture and closed boxes, all ready for the truck, and we were off to pick up the truck from Budget in Van Nuys on Sepulveda Blvd., the same place where we’d returned our truck from the 1998 move West. This truck was a little bigger — a sign that the move was a success? — and the car carrier, destined to transport our Honda Accord back across the country, may have been the same one we picked up from New Orleans on the previous trip. Beth had slept very little as well, so the recollection of truck-packing day is a little blurry. We were smart enough to request a couple of movers to come to our house at 9 to load the truck, and by 11, they were done. By 5 p.m., Read more


An original desktop calendar for May appears at the bottom of this post.

So far in life, we have only visited Saint John one time – it was our “vacation of vacations” last June, as you can read in other entries I’ve shared in the past. When I tell you that Beth and I are set to return this July, you probably won’t be very surprised. I don’t know how often we’ll make it there, but I’ve been pining away for the next trip since we booked it earlier this year. Read more

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August 18, 2010: Riley, Six and a Half

Posted on 08.18.10

Image: "Driving to Edithburgh" by Martin Kenny. More information here: http://www.seenobjects.org/2004-12-24-travelling Video: Rock 'n Roll Riley, "Shout at the Devil" on Guitar Hero for PS2. Dedicated to Uncle Randy: Thanks for the PS2!

Ramble #6 copyright Roger Darnell. All Rights Reserved.
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October 3, 2009: Amelia, Eightish

Posted on 10.03.09

Amelia, Eightish: Our beautiful little girl, growing up too quickly. Posted October 2009.

Ramble #8 copyright Roger Darnell. All Rights Reserved.
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You can now watch “Bumper Crop” in its entirety at darnellworks.com/bmovie Read more

December 5, 2008: Bumper Crop is now live…

Posted on 12.05.08

With fond memories of the cast and crew: director and co-producer Bill Waxler, actors Harry Phipps and Freddie Harmison, director of photography Eric Bills, art director William Elliott, composer and musician Peter Eisner, editor Bob Storer, recordist John Christodoulou, assistant director David Gray, production coordinator Carolyn Clarke, script supervisor Aileen Avery, first AC Glen Albelo, gaffer and lighting director Lenny Cooper, dolly grip Joe Mast, and grips Bubba Baker, Paul England and Eric Smith. Thank you! Feedback welcome and appreciated. [Full story]

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