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The Practical Side of Heaven by William C. Kiefert

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The Practical Side of Heaven: Chapter Two, Part One: What Is Logic And Reason?

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

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Copyright William C. Kiefert. All Rights Reserved.

Chapter Two, Part One: What Is Logic And Reason?

“Thy will be done as it is in heaven.” These words seem like a contradiction to our ears.

Why is it so hard to imagine that a heaven on Earth might be practical? Why does it seem incongruous for something practical to have anything to do with love and kindness and harmony between people? Do we not feel torn between what we feel is good and right, on the one hand, and what we think is practical, sensible, and logical, on the other. Somehow we think that we must be either spiritual and idealistic or rational and practical. We can’t really be both! And that’s why heaven seems so impractical, and practical things seem so far removed from any ideal world which we can envision or imagine.

The Practical Side of Heaven: Chapter One – Statement of Purpose.

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Learn more about The Practical Side of Heaven

Copyright William C. Kiefert. All Rights Reserved.

Chapter One: Statement of Purpose

“The danger facing humanity requires getting beyond the usual mind or self sense. Political action, social programs, humanitarian work and so forth are good, but not enough. Only transformed consciousness can transform the world. The ultimate action then, is no action at all except to change consciousness.”

To understand Jesus, we must understand how he used the Greek term logos. “Logos also means man’s ability to recognize reality; we would call it ‘theoretical reason’. It is man’s ability to reason.”

The key to understanding Jesus is to know how he uses the Greek term logos. Jesus does not use logos in the sense of the statement or the “word” of God recorded in the Bible. Logos, for Jesus, refers to divine logic/reason of God, in man. This definition is Hellenized Judaism’s adaptation of the Greek concept of logos as “world soul,” meaning the mind of God.

The Practical Side of Heaven: Overview.

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Learn more about The Practical Side of Heaven

Copyright William C. Kiefert. All Rights Reserved.

Would Jesus recognize his teachings in traditional accounts of his ministry and why should anyone but Christians even care? Jesus would recognize some of his teachings in traditional accounts of his life. He would, however, be heartsick because he stood for something that is utterly missing in those accounts.

What is missing in records of Jesus’ teachings is fundamentally important to everyone-Christian or not. Jesus revealed a natural principle that justifies a nonjudgmental system of logic that goes hand in hand with our present judgmental system. Today contemporary physics documents the truth of that principle and the necessity of expanding our present system to include non-judgmental logic. Limited to our present system of logic, we will remain predisposed forever to reason judgmentally, when in spirit, we know this is wrong. When we learn Jesus’ nonjudgmental logic, we elevate our reasoning mind to the same level as our spiritual thoughts. This harmonizes our reasoning with our spirit. This is the key to higher consciousness and “doing on earth as it is in heaven”, just as Jesus said we could. (Matt 2:10)

The Practical Side of Heaven: Preface.

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Learn more about The Practical Side of Heaven

Copyright William C. Kiefert. All Rights Reserved.


“True” Gnostic Christianity is an objective body of knowledge that Jesus taught. It is not a mystery religion or heretical cult. Gnostic Christianity teaches a non-judgmental “process” of reasoning. This new process is justified by a natural principle that Jesus revealed and science now supports. Combining non-judgmental reasoning with the current judgmental process, expands our consciousness of reality. In this enlightened consciousness we are personally empowered to resolve all problems and as Paul said, “live the good life as from the beginning He [God] had meant us to live it.” (Eph 2:10)

The principle that Jesus revealed is, like Newton’s Theory of Gravity, true for everyone, everywhere, and for all time. One does not have to hold a particular doctrine, believe a particular religion or philosophy, or have a particular spiritual orientation to profit from Jesus’ theory. We need only understand the theory to benefit from its wisdom, for it can change the character of our thoughts and, in turn, our consciousness of reality. Simply said, the goal of Gnostic Christianity is to make the reasoning mind an instrument of our spiritual nature—globally.

Evidence that Jesus taught a process of reasoning that could expand consciousness surfaces in Jn 8:31-32 jbv, where he says, “If you make my word your home… you will learn the truth and the truth will set you free [word or will of God is the English translation of the Greek term logos, which refers to the logic or reasoning of God].” And in Rm 12:2 (rsv) Paul said “do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…”

The Gnosis, or reasoning process, that Gnostic Christianity introduces, does not contradict Jesus’ spiritually-centered public teachings. It documents what scholars refer to as Jesus’ oral or logos/logic tradition, which he taught in private (Mk 4:33-34). These teachings elevate our reasoning mind to that of the will/reasoning of God. In this renewed mind, our reasoning supports spiritual values. This is the truth that can set us free. For when mind and spirit seek the same ends (syzygy) doing “on earth as it is in heaven” will no longer be an idealistic goal, it will be a practical reality (Matt 6:10).

New National Geographic series: “The Story of God”

A Rabbi (Deborah Schuldenfrei), a Pastor (Toure Roberts) and an Imam (Jihad Turk) walk into a bar… or in this case, a diner. The subject of their conversation is “The Story of God” – the new National Geographic Channel series starring Morgan Freeman – and the big question, “Who is God?” Here are some of the answers they offer in this promo for the series, released last week.

Global Peace Film Festival: Sep. 19-25, 2016


For the past 13 years, the Global Peace Film Festival has united film lovers and filmmakers at the exciting hotspot where creative media is igniting positive change in local communities and worldwide. This September at the Orlando area’s Rollins College, Winter Park Public Library and Valencia College, the 14th annual Global Peace Film Festival will once again showcase powerful films that are reshaping the world.

A top-rated non-profit corporation, The Global Peace Film Festival owes a great deal of its success to its extraordinary volunteer corps.

“We need ushers, drivers, schleppers and helpers. As a volunteer, you can see the festival from the inside out.

Growing Consciousness

Ilona Anne Hress facilitates environments of unconditional loving by providing guidance, understanding, and application of higher-dimensional experiences to reach beyond human suffering. She approaches the challenges of personal and planetary healing with a practical joy that promotes self-transcendence.

Enjoy Carl Swan’s Tree Song

Thanks to the power of YouTube, I am able to share this great medicine, and the story behind it. It comes from Carl Swan, and his story begins:

“This is a song that came to me about 5 years ago when things weren’t exactly going the way I had envisioned them to be. I was at one of the lowest times of my life and when that happened I turned especially to the gift I was given and my drum. Rather then thinking about myself in what i was going through, I sat alone and looked towards the sweat lodge near the bushes and thought about what the world was going through. The world as i know it is home to my children, knowing that I am alive and my children are alive, breathing the same air that i breathe.”

Visit Carl’s YouTube listing for more of this story; enjoy.

Introducing Shots of Awe

It’s a pleasure to showcase this content from the Shots of Awe YouTube channel. The video featured here entitled “Nonconformity and the Creative Life” is a great introduction, and here’s more of a description from the creators themselves.

“Ever ponder the miracle of life? Or perhaps wonder about the evolution of intelligence? In Shots of Awe, ‘Performance Philosopher’ Jason Silva chases his inspiration addiction as he explores these topics and more. Every week Jason freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz.

Enjoy life’s best medicine

In researching subject matter to share with you all, this is something I’ve had on the list for awhile. Where does it fit in with Gnostic Christianity? If you know, please chime in! I am including it under this broader philosophy I personally embrace: If it’s good to you, it’s got to be good for you.


Best-selling author, designer and co-founder of DailyOM, Madisyn Taylor.

Writing for her site DailyOM.com back in 2012, best-selling author Madisyn Taylor shared a thoughtful post about laughing meditation, beginning her piece with these words: “When we laugh, we give ourselves over to the immediacy of the present moment and transcend stress.”