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The following three books represent thousands of years worth of scholarly research, and in my opinion, they are essential to understanding the authentic Jesus and the future of enlightened religion. Together, they clearly relate how Jesus revealed a principle of logic which is, like Newton’s theory of gravity, “true” for everyone everywhere regardless of religious or philosophical persuasions. When knowledge (Gnosis) of that principle is global, all stand to be empowered to live the “good life” Paul promises in Eph. 2:9-10 dbv.

I also would like to share with you my feeling that the times demand the dissemination of Jesus’ logos/logic teachings, at times to the detriment of editorial perfection; for that, I beg your pardon. Corrected editions will be available as time and circumstances allow. I have included a synopsis of the key ideas of Jesus’ teachings in the Appendix of all of my interpretations of biblical text. This will help readers better understand Jesus’ teachings from the Gnostic Christian perspective.

These books are truly unique in that they are written in the same Gnostic Christian mindset found in the writings of Jesus, John, Paul and others.

Sincerely — William C. Kiefert

The Practical Side of Heaven by William C. Kiefert
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Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

My book, The Practical Side of Heaven, can be considered a comprehensive guide to understanding Gnostic Christianity. It can also be seen as an introduction to an original way to better understand our relationship with others and ourselves.

The Practical Side of Heaven, the “Outlawed” Logic/Logos Teachings of Jesus, can be considered a wake up call not only for theologians and academics, but also for those searching for better answers. The core concept of Jesus’ Gnostic teaching is universally true and therefore important to everyone–religious or not. Ecclesiastics’ famous quote “there is nothing new under the sun” is not true. There is a better way. This new and better way is Jesus’ Gnostic/knowledge teaching explained in detail in this book.

The Practical Side of Heaven, the “Outlawed” Logic/Logos Teachings of Jesus systematically explains not only the core premise of Jesus’ teaching–that we are not yet fully conscious because we are slaves of judgmental reasoning; but it also explains that the way free ourselves and to become fully awake human beings is to learn about nonjudgmental/spiritual reasoning. Nonjudgmental reasoning empowers us to “do on earth as it is in heaven”.

My book can also be seen as a bridge across time. It introduces the reader to contemporary psychological and philosophical concepts that corresponds to similar concepts in Jesus’ time. Being able to cross that bridge empowers us to clearly see through the eyes of Jesus and other Gnostic Christians because, in principle, the context or worldview you will have after reading my book will be theirs.

This website is a synopsis of “The Practical Side of Heaven.” It contains many of the salient concepts in the book, but not all. To fully understand all the concepts that were important to Gnostic Christians, like Jesus, John and Paul, having the uncut version of my book is essential. It contains everything my website does, plus information that is essential for personal growth and study groups.

Cover: The Gnostic Christian Interpretation of The Gospel of John.

Cover: The Gnostic Christian Interpretation of The Gospel of John.

The Gnostic Christian Interpretation of The Gospel of John by William C. Kiefert
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The Gospel of John from my Gnostic Christian perspective reveals a philosophical side of Jesus that has been outlawed since the Council of Nicea (325 AD). In my interpretation of the Gospel of John, Jesus presents the argument that, like himself, all have the potential to be psychologically (from the Latin term, Spiritually) one and equal with God. The outlawed logos/logic teaching of Jesus is a philosophical argument which explains how anyone can reach this god-like level of psychological perfection. Paul clearly refers to this state of psychological perfection when he said, “We [meaning Gnostic Christians] are those who have the mind of Christ.” (1Co 2:16 JBV)

My interpretation of the Gospel of John first documents that when Jesus used the Greek term logos, he meant the logical or reasoning mind of God-not the statements or word of God. Second, it focuses on Jesus’ thwarted attempts to convince Jewish authorities that God had sent him to teach the world how to relate ideas or reason according to the nonjudgmental principles of the logos/logic or reasoning of God. Expecting the worse, Jesus comforts his disciples with the promise that these same principles and more, “the complete truth” (Jn 6:11-14) will live on even when he is gone. Truth, Jesus said, is of God, and therefore, eternal. Expect that other advocates will discover this same truth and in honor of Jesus, teach it to their generation. The Jewish authorities considered all this blasphemous and crucified Jesus.

Enjoy reading my interpretation of the Gospel of John. Share its ideas with others. And integrate these ideas into your everyday life. These ideas possess, as they did in Jesus’ time, the power to change your life and the world.

Cover: The Gnostic Christian Interpretation of Paul's Letter to the Romans.

Cover: The Gnostic Christian Interpretation of Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

The Gnostic Christian Interpretation of Paul’s Letter to the Romans by William C. Kiefert
PDF Ebook: $2.95

My interpretation of Paul’s Letter to the Romans is not about a new Paul, rather it is about a side of Paul that has been lost to us since the Council of Nicea. This side of Paul is even more relevant in our atomic age than in his.

The side of Paul you will discover in my interpretation is his practical side. The majority of his letter addresses differences over practices that divided the early Church into three factions-Conservative Gnostic Christians with Jewish heritage, like Peter and James; Liberal Gnostic Christians with Jewish heritage, like Paul; and Hellenists, meaning Gnostic Christians who were Greek and Roman by birth. Romans 5:12 and 8:29-30 are exceptions. Romans 5:12 explains how sin entered the world, i.e. what the root of evil is. Romans 8:29-30 reveals the clearest examples of terms Paul uses for five developmental stages of consciousness. It is imperative to know these stages-they are the format in which Paul writes.

My interpretation of Rm 1:26-27 (verses that justify homophobia for Christians) demonstrate that here Paul is trying to convince Conservative Gnostic Christians (unfortunately translated females) that it is unnatural for them not to want to socialize with (or as tradition would say, have intercourse with), Liberal and Hellenistic Gnostic Christians (unfortunately translated males). Likewise, Paul argued, it was unnatural for Liberal and Hellenistic Gnostic Christians (males) not to socialize with Conservative Gnostic Christians (females). I feel confident this interpretation is authentic to Paul. It flows with the subject matter Paul is discussing, namely differences between early Christian factions, not homosexuality.

Paul also addresses (in Rm 12:17-24) how Gnostic Christians should respond to an enemies attack-namely defeat your enemy with love. Advice we did not take after 9-11.

I sincerely hope you will find after reading this book, a new understanding of love for one another and our planet.

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