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The Practical Side of Heaven: Chapter One – Statement of Purpose.

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

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Chapter One: Statement of Purpose

“The danger facing humanity requires getting beyond the usual mind or self sense. Political action, social programs, humanitarian work and so forth are good, but not enough. Only transformed consciousness can transform the world. The ultimate action then, is no action at all except to change consciousness.”

To understand Jesus, we must understand how he used the Greek term logos. “Logos also means man’s ability to recognize reality; we would call it ‘theoretical reason’. It is man’s ability to reason.”

The key to understanding Jesus is to know how he uses the Greek term logos. Jesus does not use logos in the sense of the statement or the “word” of God recorded in the Bible. Logos, for Jesus, refers to divine logic/reason of God, in man. This definition is Hellenized Judaism’s adaptation of the Greek concept of logos as “world soul,” meaning the mind of God.