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The Practical Side of Heaven: Overview.

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

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Would Jesus recognize his teachings in traditional accounts of his ministry and why should anyone but Christians even care? Jesus would recognize some of his teachings in traditional accounts of his life. He would, however, be heartsick because he stood for something that is utterly missing in those accounts.

What is missing in records of Jesus’ teachings is fundamentally important to everyone-Christian or not. Jesus revealed a natural principle that justifies a nonjudgmental system of logic that goes hand in hand with our present judgmental system. Today contemporary physics documents the truth of that principle and the necessity of expanding our present system to include non-judgmental logic. Limited to our present system of logic, we will remain predisposed forever to reason judgmentally, when in spirit, we know this is wrong. When we learn Jesus’ nonjudgmental logic, we elevate our reasoning mind to the same level as our spiritual thoughts. This harmonizes our reasoning with our spirit. This is the key to higher consciousness and “doing on earth as it is in heaven”, just as Jesus said we could. (Matt 2:10)