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The Dead Sea Scrolls


Originally contributed by zzzoutdoorgirl on January 19, 2004.

This is a link to 25 facts about the Dead Sea Scrolls:

I found it interesting. Just thought I would share it.

Featured Video: The Dead Sea Scrolls Online: The Dead Sea Scrolls are now online; a project of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, powered by Google technology. Explore them at

So much to learn and to “know”


Originally contributed by Dave Stoverden in Colorado on Jan. 2, 2004, almost 9 years ago.

I have done a fair amount of research to get a handle on the life and times of the people from Jesus’s crucifixion to 200 AD. But the digging seems to be endless.

The most intriguing questions to me are just how widespread were the gnostic sects’ beliefs and influence. How did the gnostics view the womens’ roles in their concept of the religious life? Is the mythology of the Wisdom of Sophia a part of gnostic belief exclusively or was it a more general mythology that might have been known by Romans and Greeks and adopted? The Gospels of Nag Hammadi are called the Gnostic gospels, but what about the other sects? Did they use these same texts?

I don’t know about the rest of you but I can only relate to a fraction of what I see coming out of this time period. After I get some feedback from the rest of you about your thoughts I have a couple of paragraphs from Stephen Hoeller that do pretty good job of summing up “What in the World Are Gnostics?”

Spiritual Research

Protagonist and Victim Karmic Resolution and Healing

The central and primary ideal that stimulates human psycho-nature growth are emotions that must be resolved. The need for emotional resolution demands a reasoned action that will, in its self, generate emotions of certainty or uncertainty of the type of action to take. And, regardless of the result of that action, wisdom is produced. Wisdom within itself contains attributes of wisdom emotions. The qualities and control of emotions are proportional to ones knowledge, will, wisdom, and response to social structure. In all cases, ignorance bends emotions toward evil self-expression, as ignorance demands the disappearance of emotional growth. The psychological profile of every human spiritual-soul is derived from millions of emotions that are generated and resolved for growth or emotions are generated and remain unresolved that inhibits potential growth.

I have named the generation of emotional memories of a like theme, a “thought-form”. Liken to a data file, memory is added to the thought form each time spiritual-soul experiences life scenarios of a like theme. Each destiny encounter adds to the maturity and strength of the thought form, positive or negative.

Love, the most powerful of all positive emotions, is generated, activated, and sustained from direct input by the Holy Spirit/Daughter. The emotion of love brings persons together in order to solidify pre-birth destiny designs. While, nurturing love is an emotion evolved from family structure and augmented intrinsically from the memory found in the Heaven Realm that is experienced between death and rebirth.