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New Bible for atheists?

A recent story published on uses the headline above, with the subhead of, “Some Say New Book is a 4,000-Year Upgrade of Religion.”

In the news story, author R. Leigh Coleman writes, “University of Hawaii’s neuroscientist and philosopher Bruce E. Morton promises a personal transformation for those who read his new book, Neuroreality: A Scientific Religion to Restore Meaning, or How 7 Brain Elements Create 7 Minds and 7 Realities.”

The story itself and the comments are quite fascinating. You can view the full story here. Your thoughts and comments are welcome here.

The perfect prayer

Originally posted on Jan 10, ’04 6:48 AM by zzzoutdoorgirl for everyone.

Because I have grown up in a Christian environment that is bible based, I often pray the Lord’s Prayer, when I want to begin to leave the mundane and focus on the spiritual.

What would a Gnostic’s prayer be?

No answers are wrong……..I just want to know what you guys would think.

Lets say a friend has a son that gets put in jail for a long time, and you want her to be comforted, or something like that.

How would you pray about it? Would you even pray?

My old prayers dont seem to work if God is within me? Do I pray to myself?

Just interested in what you all might think.

msn-dstoverden wrote on Jan 10, ’04

zzz – That is an interesting question. How do you pray? As an Gnostic? I have to remind myself occasionally – well I still consider myself a Christian. hmm………