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In the beginning…

Dec 29, ’03 5:24 PM
by dstoverden for everyone


Group contributor Dave Stoverden.

In the beginning…..that is how the Old Testament begins… and then the whole story unfolds. But is there anyone of us who really believes that it happened in the exact manner in which the story is told. There may be a few but I would guess most of us moderns believe that the writings are symbolic and not exact descriptions or even closely related to any calendar.

So we accept that the first chapters of the bible were mythological. But where a mistake is made, in my opinion, at the outset of any discussion of a God is that we have bought into a picture of a creator that is made in our image. We begin immediately to ascribe to Him a rationale and mind set that is human.

As Gnostics we have to think outside the box. How can we even suscribe to there being a “beginning” or for that matter an “end?” We shouldn’t try to categorize God as a “Builder Bob” sitting with his set of Leggos, creating the earth, populating it with people, and then walking away letting all types of chaos occur as human beings go about plundering and being plundered.

Church of Gnostic Christianity?

by zzzoutdoorgirl for everyone

Has anybody found a church that accepts Gnostic Christianity? I belong to a traditional Christian church because of my desire to spread the news of Christ and have fellowship with others. I am often deeply saddened by the way the gospel, even as it exists in the bible, is twisted to include exclusionary practices, hatred, anger, slander, gossip, at most Christian churches.

It is my prayer, not to walk the path alone, but I often feel lonely. The more I reveal my true feelings, the more lonely I feel. I am wondering how others handle this……………. Does anybody manage to have fellowship with other Gnostic believers? I dream of being at a table encouraged by like minded people!