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Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

Cover: The Practical Side of Heaven

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Would Jesus recognize his teachings in traditional accounts of his ministry and why should anyone but Christians even care? Jesus would recognize some of his teachings in traditional accounts of his life. He would, however, be heartsick because he stood for something that is utterly missing in those accounts.

What is missing in records of Jesus’ teachings is fundamentally important to everyone-Christian or not. Jesus revealed a natural principle that justifies a nonjudgmental system of logic that goes hand in hand with our present judgmental system. Today contemporary physics documents the truth of that principle and the necessity of expanding our present system to include non-judgmental logic. Limited to our present system of logic, we will remain predisposed forever to reason judgmentally, when in spirit, we know this is wrong. When we learn Jesus’ nonjudgmental logic, we elevate our reasoning mind to the same level as our spiritual thoughts. This harmonizes our reasoning with our spirit. This is the key to higher consciousness and “doing on earth as it is in heaven”, just as Jesus said we could. (Matt 2:10)

We can think of Jesus’ nonjudgmental system of logic as upgraded intellectual software. For just as upgraded software expands the potentials of a computer to process data in new ways, so does Jesus’ system of logic add new powers to the mind, which expand our consciousness of reality in truly new ways.

Another way to think of Jesus’ nonjudgmental system of logic is to think of it like a new system of mathematics. For just as Einsteinian mathematics provides the key to entering dimensions of our physical world that traditional laws of mathematics cannot penetrate, so does Jesus’ system of logic facilitate a quantum leap into mental space that our present judgmental system of logic cannot access. In simple terms, Jesus revealed a way to elevate our everyday ego to the same level as our spiritual values.

Did Jesus discover a way to awaken unused portions of our mind?

I offer compelling evidence that Jesus revealed a fact about the nature of reality that justifies new method of nonjudgmental reasoning, which will be in harmony with spiritual principles. This is the foundational teaching of Gnostic Christianity.

One way I substantiate my claim that Jesus taught a new method of reasoning is by linking it to biblical passages. In 1Thes 2:16 rsv, for example, Paul thanked God that, “The word [again, meaning the logos/logic or reasoning] of God you heard from us [Gnostics] you accepted it not as the word [logic] of men but as what it really is, the word [logic] of God, ..” and Paul’s reminder of God’s statement to Jeremiah that he will put his (God’s) “laws within their [meaning our] minds…” (Heb 8:10).

Note: God, in “true” Gnostic Christianity, is a metaphor for life-affirming principles. In 1Jn 4:6, for example, John said, “God is love.”

Scientists demonstrate that meditation and prayer can activate areas of the brain in which feelings of bliss, well-being and oneness are processed. This suggests the brain is capable of processing both analytical and spiritual ideas. Could it be that nature intends our spiritual thinking to be as clear and concise as our analytical thinking? Perhaps we have not yet learned how to use those areas of the brain, dedicated to spiritual thinking, to their fullest potential.

Jesus was unique among social revolutionaries. He did not blame existing religious, economic or political institutions for human suffering. The revolution he saw was a far deeper one, without which other reforms could only be superficial and transitory. If he could convince the world that judgmental reasoning was not the only method of reasoning and that nonjudgmental reasoning is the common ground of higher consciousness, Utopia would come of itself. All the ill effects of judgmental reasoning-and the consequent need for law-would disappear. Compared to the revolution in consciousness that nonjudgmental reasoning makes possible, all others are little more than examples of one system replacing another and exploiting in turn. If we learn this lesson, our future will no longer repeat the past.

In summary, Jesus presented his Gnostic or logos/logic teachings two thousand years ago. Few accepted those teachings. Most preferred his public teachings to the theory of nature, and system of logic it justifies, that he taught in private. In the third millennium, a majority should accept Jesus’ private teachings, because contemporary physics supports his theory, making it factually undeniable. In effect, the support that contemporary physics gives Jesus’ theory of nature will make that theory as important globally as is the prevailing theory.

If we can learn how to relate ideas/reason judgmentally, we can learn to relate ideas/reason nonjudgmentally. We have learned to reason judgmentally because the prevailing theory was the only theory. Jesus’ theory, however, gives us the opportunity to learn how to reason nonjudgmentally. My goal is to introduce both the prevailing and Jesus’ theory of nature, and the rules of reasoning based on both, into our children’s classrooms on a global scale. I consider reasoning nonjudgmentally the fourth “R” of education. Isn’t learning how to reason nonjudgmentally/lovingly as important to our children’s future as reading, writing, and arithmetic?

Discover why is the key to discovering Jesus’ logos/logic teachings. And, in turn, how that discovery can set us free. Gnostic Christianity also offers fact-based solutions to countless Biblical and spiritual mysteries.

I do not ask you to believe my research. All I ask is that you judge it on the basis of its historical, linguistic, and logical merits. The issue here is, whether my research represents Jesus’ logos teachings, or is demonstrably false. And second, if my research is true, is it the same truth that John says will “make you free?” (8:32) I believe it is and in the third millennium, life will be based on that truth, creating the heaven on earth that Jesus promised us in his Lord’s Prayer.

We are but one thought away from learning a truly new path to heaven on earth in the third millennium. Jesus’ system of nonjudgmental logic is that path. The future will be determined by our choice to act, or not, on that thought.