Enjoy life’s best medicine

In researching subject matter to share with you all, this is something I’ve had on the list for awhile. Where does it fit in with Gnostic Christianity? If you know, please chime in! I am including it under this broader philosophy I personally embrace: If it’s good to you, it’s got to be good for you.


Best-selling author, designer and co-founder of DailyOM, Madisyn Taylor.

Writing for her site DailyOM.com back in 2012, best-selling author Madisyn Taylor shared a thoughtful post about laughing meditation, beginning her piece with these words: “When we laugh, we give ourselves over to the immediacy of the present moment and transcend stress.”

Her article clarifies that laughing is one of the simplest and most powerful forms of meditation, allowing us to transcend all the tedium of life that can weigh us down. These rich rewards are available to us even by participating in fleeting moments of jocularity, but Madisyn goes further in identifying and describing three stages of mindful laughter:

1. Stretching and deep breathing
2. Pure laughter accompanied by physical movement
3. Silent meditation focused on breathing

Along with the other benefits mentioned, practicing this way can lead to a closer relationship with joy in life, and most of us can probably use more of that. What do you think?